Meditation of the Week!

Like every one of us, Rebekah was a mixture of qualities- both positive and negative.  And those qualities brought consequences both for herself and those close to her.  In our prayers today, you are encouraged to do what Rebekah sometimes neglected to do- take time to both talk and listen to God, who will hear and respond to our prayers.


Be Still and Listen…

Faithful God, we pray for the gift of deeper listening to you,

so that we may trust you

in a way that alters our dependence on everything else,

and allows us a clearer vision

as to the direction of our lives.

Faithful God,

we remember all the places in our world

where life is stressful and unfair.

Let your loving presence be sensed and recognised,

bringing peace and goodness and hope.

Faithful God,

help us be aware of your presence

when we let each other down,

mishandle opportunities,

and come to the end of our strength or patience;

bless us with your love that never lets us down.

Faithful God, we place into your loving keeping

all those who have died,

knowing their dependence on you

and your limitless mercy.

We thank you for them, and for their gifts to the world.

Faithful God, whose promises stand sure for ever,

we thank you for your patience with us

and your refusal to never give up on us.

Enable us to have the wisdom

to see beyond our everyday concerns

to trust in you and take the time to listen.