Get to know our team below

The Venerable Trevor Harrison

Vicar General

The Revd Annie Baigent-Ritchie

Vocational Deacon

The Revd. Rob Baigent-Ritchie

Assistant Priest

The Revd Ailsa Claridge

Pastoral Minister

The Revd Bruno Egli

Assistant Priest

The Revd. Mele Prescott

Deacon and Youth Enabler

The Revd Gloria Williams

Vocational Deacon

The Revd Canon Bill Marsh

Canon Pastor

Cath McVey

Pioneer Minister

Sarah Foy

Dean's Warden

Julie Otene

People's Warden

Christopher Luke

Director of Music

Andrew Moffat

Communications Adviser

Jenny Goddard

Cathedral Remediation & Development Manager

Linda Rountree

Pastoral Co-ordinator

Jennifer Smart

Office Manager

Noel Gilchrist

Premises Co-ordinator