Holy Trinity, Fitzroy

Church is not just a building

  • The heart of a church is the people.
  • The Holy Trinity faith community is made up of people who come from many parts of New Plymouth.
  • This site is devoted to share some of the life and commitment of this community of people.
  • It is also our hope to share our dreams and hopes with you, may you not only find this site on the net, but also find us, at Holy Trinity Church- a place to belong

Contact Details

Phone(06) 758 3611
Address12 Henui Street, Fitzroy
CityNew Plymouth

Ministry Team

Venerable Tricia Carter : revtrish@ihug.co.nz

Revd Oliver Roberts (Assistant Priest)

Sunday Services

Sundays : 8am, 9.45am

Wednesdays : 10am

Youth Group


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