St. Mark's, Waitotara

This small church built in 1890 has the distinction of being one of the early designs of Frederick de Jersey Clere. He is now recognised as one of New Zealand's most influential architects of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Over one hundred churches were built to the designs of F de J Clere.

Ian Handley in the Waitotara School Centennial writes that in the early days church services were conducted by a visiting minister from Patea. In 1975 the church was administered by a combined Waverley-Waitotara Parochial District. Moves were afoot at this time to form a Co-operating Parish of Anglicans and Presbyterians. Presbyterians had been using the church for many years prior to 1975. Catholic services were also held in the church in the 1970s.

According to Susan Maclean in her book "Architect of the Angels; The Churches of Frederick de Jersey Clere" - available in the Taranaki Research Centre (TRC726.5092 CLE) - she states that this was the only de Clere designed church in the first two decades of his work not to include a belfry.

It is not known how often services are held in the church at present.

Contact Details

Phone(06) 278 8667
AddressKaipo Street

Ministry Team

Priest-in-charge : Trevor Harris

Sunday Services

It is not known how often services are held in the church at present.


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