The 1st

Day of

the Month


Our Province: Co Presiding Archbishops - William Brown Turei, Winston Halapua & David Moxon.

Our Diocese: Bishop of Waikato: David Moxon, Bishop of Taranaki: Philip Richardson, Chancellor: Judge Chris Harding, Episcopal Vicar: Reg Nicholson, Kaumatua: Tiki Raumati.

Our Community: Prime Minister & his Cabinet & Opposition Parties. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Thomas’ Cathedral, Kuching.

Taranaki Cathedral: Our Admin Team: Carolyn, Ronelle and Verity. 

New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS) Partner: Jo, education in Tanzania.






Our Province: DIOCESE OF WAIAPU: Bishop David Rice.

Our Diocese: Hamilton: Cathedral Church of St Peter - Phil Wilson, Pine Campbell, Juliet Drage (Deacon), Lesley Hyde, Bryan Smith and Jennifer Stuart & Sue Burns.

Our Community: Members of Parliament.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Michael’s, Engkilili.

Taranaki Cathedral: The AAW- leader: Pat Green.







Our Province: DIOCESE OF WELLINGTON: Bishop Tom Brown.

Our Diocese: Brooklands: John Carter. Bryant Park: Ian Croft. Cambridge: Andrew Hedge, Heather Collette-Moxon.

Our Community: Mayors, Chairpersons & Council Members.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Luke’s, Sri Aman.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Bible Society and our Cathedral Rep: Diana McKinnon. 

(NZCMS) Partner: Marion, in Tanzania.







Our Province: DIOCESE OF NELSON: Bishop Richard Ellena.

Our Diocese: Central Taranaki: Regional Dean - Peter Barleyman.  Priest Assistants to the Regional Dean: Bev Chatterton. Parishes: Eltham-Kaponga, Manaia, Opunake, Stratford and their Ministry Support Teams.

Our Community: Police & Justice Agencies.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St John’s, Taee.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Bishops: David and Philip. 







Our Province: DIOCESE OF CHRISTCHURCH: Bishop Victoria Matthews.

Our Diocese: Chartwell: Anne Mills. Claudelands: Lois Symes & Pam Bird. Fitzroy: Tricia Carter, Oliver Roberts, Helene Young. Forest Lake: Gabriel Jens & Pam Meads. Gordonton: Rosemary Carey.

Our Community: Social Welfare Agencies.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Philip’s, Lubok Antu.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Canon Pastor: Bill and the Dean: Jamie. 








Our Province: DIOCESE OF DUNEDIN: Bishop Kelvin Wright.

Our Diocese: Hamilton East: (Mission District) Kerry Lamb, Elaine McDonnell, Wendy Tyrrell and Eddie White. Ministry Enabler: Rosemary Carey. Hillcrest: Tony Wescott. Huntly: Doreen Adamson. Katikati: Brendan Gibbs. Kawhia: Ministry Team.

Our Community: Commerce and Business Community. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Faith’s, Kuching.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Cathedral Deacons: Annie, Gloria & Graeme. 







Our Province: DIOCESE OF AUCKLAND: Bishops Ross Bay & Jim White.

Our Diocese: Mangakino: Bruce Cockburn, Patricia Sanders & Wayne Bunny. Matamata: Archdeacon of Piako - Rhys Lewis, Carol Wilson & Stephen Prebble. Melville: Paul Weeding & George Allanson.

Our Community: Boy Scouts; Girl Guides; Boys' Brigade; Girls' Brigade.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Christopher’s, Debak. 

Taranaki Cathedral: Director of Music, Christopher Luke.  







Our Province: DIOCESE OF POLYNESIA: Winston Halapua, Apimeleki Qiliho, and Gabriel Sharma.

Our Diocese: Morrinsville: Bryan Carey. Ngaruawahia: Ivan Smith.

Our Community: New Plymouth, Waikeria & Other Penal Institutions. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: Church Schools in Sarawak & Brunei.

Taranaki Cathedral: May we deepen links with the Ministry Units of our Diocese and with churches in Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pasifika. 







Our Province: Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa NZ: Peter McKenzie.

Our Diocese: North East Taranaki: Regional Dean - Val Riches. Priest Assistants to the Regional Dean: Mike Hansen, Wendy Harland, Sue Hogan, Lance Riches & Charmaine Sarten. Deacon Assistants to the Regional Dean: Ann Hall. Parishes: Bell Block-Lepperton, Inglewood & Waitara.

Our Community: Prisoner Aid & Rehabilitation Society.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Columba’s, Miri.

Taranaki Cathedral: Priests: Bill, Bruno, David, Gloria and Jamie. 









Our Province: General Secretary: Michael Hughes. Executive Communications: Lloyd Ashton.

Our Diocese:  Okato – Ministry Team. Orakau: Kathryn Badrick, Kathie & Barry Claypole, Bonnie Donaldson, Barbara & Dick Jolly, John Jones, Elizabeth Kay, Barbara Maxted, Kath Old & Joyce Smart. Interim Ministry Enablers: Philip Richardson & Peter Osborne. Otorohanga: Christine Scott & Laurie Hopping.

Our Community: Family Support Agencies, Relationship Services. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: The Good Shepherd, Lutong.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Cathedral Chapter: Chester, Jenny, Pat, Peter, Robin, Sue & Tiki. 








Our Province: Church Missionary Society: Steve Maina. Anglican Historical Society: Earle Howe.

Our Diocese: Paeroa: Terry Ellis. Piopio/Aria/Mokau: Gary Husband & Kay Taitoko. Putaruru: Jan Tarrant. Raglan: Ministry Support Team, Rhonda Chung, Kathleen Gavin, Joan Masters, Jan Mitchell & Mike Vine, Ministry Enabler: Neil Perkinson.

Our Community: Foodbanks in the Diocese. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Boniface, Mamut.

Taranaki Cathedral: Suzy, our Sunday Family Worker & Anne-Marie, our Youth Enabler & Ministry Assistant.









Our Province: Anglican Consultative Council: James Tengatenga. Social Justice Commissioner: Anthony Dancer. 

Our Diocese: Southern Taranaki Archdeacon: Pat Scaife.  Regional Dean: Trevor Harrison.  Priest Assistants to Regional Dean: Karen Cook, Ian Sargent, & Shirley-Anne Flynn. Parishes of: Hawera: St Mary’s Anglican Parish, Wesley Trinity Methodist Parish. Patea: St George’s Anglican Parish, St Luke’s Cooperating Parish, Waverley/Waitotara.

Our Community: District Councils.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St James’, Kuala Belait, Brunei.

Taranaki Cathedral: Our Cathedral Choir and Youth Choir & their director, Christopher – & the Assistant Director of Music – Judith.








Our Province: THE WIDER CHURCH: Archbishop of Canterbury: Rowan Williams. The Anglican Communion: Kenneth Kearon, Secretary General.

Our Diocese: Tamahere: Sandy & Colin Neal & David Pineaha-Sarsfield. Taumarunui & District: Christine Hunn.

Our Community: Police & Justice Agencies.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Margaret’s, Seria, Brunei.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Cleaning, Churchyard and Maintenance Teams. 

(NZCMS) Partner: Rosie, project development work, Egypt.








Our Province: NZ Anglican Pension Board: Staff and Board.  Anglican Taonga: Brian Thomas.

Our Diocese: Te Aroha: Jason Grainger, Ian Harrop, Joan Power & Jean Signal.  Te Awamutu: Murray Olson & Keith Storey.  Pirongia: Tim Lloyd.  Te Kauwhata: Margaret Trousdale. Te Kuiti: Carol Hancock.

Our Community: Social Service Agencies. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Augustine’s, Betong.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Communications Team and Communications Officer, Verity, and our Facebook administrator, Warwick.







Our Province: New Wine New Zealand: Paul Williamson.

Our Diocese: Tirau: Ministry Team. Tokoroa: Ministry Team, Grace Bowers, Paul Bowers-Mason, Wynn Bowers Mason, Dorothy Busfield, Jim Busfield Pam Etheridge, Sven Johnsson, Anne Toa & Diane Wayne. Ministry Enabler: Peter Osborne. 

Our Community: Pre-school Care & Education; Kohanga Reo.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Andrew’s, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Informal Service Team and their chaplain, David. 








Our Province: NZ Anglican Missions Board: Robert Kereopa & Philip Richardson.

Our Diocese: Waihi: Joy Braddick, (Ministry Support Team) Marj Tyson, Cynthia Bing, Margaret Clarke, Suzanne Fox, Coralie Greenhalgh, Sharon Scott, Helen Tidswell, & Jason Wells. Ministry Enabler: Florence Chambers. Waihi Beach: Derek Webb. Ministry Enabler: Florence Chambers.

Our Community: Agriculture & Farming Support Agencies.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Philip’s, Padawan.

Taranaki Cathedral: Our Hospitals, the Hospice & The Hospital Chaplaincy team. 

(NZCMS) Partner: Edric, medicine, Bangladesh.









Our Province: Missions to Seamen.

Our Diocese: West Hamilton: Michael Hewat, Tony Talbott, David Smithson, Helen Spencer.  Nawton: Joel Rowse. West NP: Debbie Garrett. Whangamata: Neil Perkinson, David Swann & Vacion Rae. 

Our Community: Family Support Agencies. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Francis, Lundu. 

Taranaki Cathedral: Parishioners housebound or in hospital; may God lead us both in awareness and visiting. 

(NZCMS): NZCMS Associates in Cambodia, Tanzania, The Netherlands, USA, Philippines & Pakistan.








Our Province: Selwyn College, Dunedin.

Our Diocese: Houchen House: Glyn Pemberton, Wilson Carlile House: Tim Lloyd. Tainui Rest Home: Sue Pickering & Mary Harker. University of Waikato: Sue Burns. Waikato Institute of Technology: Andrew McKean (Ecumenical Chaplaincy), Herenga Taiu Wirihana & Jenifer Jane (Maori Chaplaincy). Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki: Cathy Gordon.

Our Community: Industry - Management and Labor.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Maria’s, Abok.  

Taranaki Cathedral: The Emergency Shelter and the Foodbank. 






Our Province: Church Army: Phil Clark.

Our Diocese: Bishop’s Chaplains: Valarie Langley & Michael Bent. Bishop’s Chaplain for Communications & Supply Ministry: Ian Harrop.  Cursillo: Doreen Adamson & Annette Rea.  Licensed to Bishop of Waikato: - Kainga Aroha Ministry: Stephanie Owen. 

Our Community: Christian Camps.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Stephen’s, Simunjan.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Family Work - Mainly Music, Faith Crew, Agape and Carrie's Drama Group.








Our Province Theology House: Peter Carrell.

Our Diocese: St Mary's Diocesan School: Geoff Rodley. St Paul's Collegiate School: Craig Luccock. St Peter's School: Chris Tweddell. Southwell School: Neale Troon. Waikato Diocesan School for Girls: Jill Clark-Olson.

Our Community: National Groups for Non Violence. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: House of the Epiphany, Kuching.

Other NZ Cathedrals and their Deans – Auckland (Jo), Hamilton, Waiapu (Helen), Wellington, Nelson (Nick), Christchurch, Dunedin (Trevor) and Suva (Feremi)










Our Province: Sharing of Ministries Abroad, Order of the Holy Cross & Order of St Luke.

Our Diocese: Archdeacon Emeritus: Ray Taylor. Chaplains to Retired Clergy – Waikato, Piako, Waitomo & Clergy Widows In North: Amanda Bradley. Taranaki: Ray Taylor. Priest Assistants to Bishop of Waikato & Bishop of Taranaki: Doug Pratt & Pat Scaife. Deacon Assistant to Bishop of Waikato & Bishop of Taranaki: Tohe Rauputu. 

Our Community: Lifeline & Inter-Church Counselling Services.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: Anglican Women’s Fellowship.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Licensed Lay Ministers, all who exercise Pastoral Care & their Warden: Bill. 

(NZCMS) Partners: Phil & Becky, language learning, Cambodia.








Our Province: Anglican Social Justice Commission, Anglican Schools Office.

Our Diocese: Priest Assistants to Bishop of Waikato: Amanda Bradley, Florence Chambers, Bruce Dale, Loris Eyre, John Hoar, Stephanie Owen, Mary Simeon & Ron Taylor. Priest Assistants to Bishop of Taranaki: Sue Pickering. Deacon Assistants to Bishop of Taranaki: Judy Clark & Titia Boeren.

Our Community: Anglican Primary and Secondary Schools.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Paul’s, Siol Kandis. Taranaki Cathedral: The Tuesday Night Youth Group - Agape. 

(NZCMS) Partners: Anne & Anthony, Cambodia.








Our Province: College of the Southern Cross, St John's College: Warden and Staff.

Our Diocese: Anglican Action - Waikato: Karen Morrison-Hume. Te Ara Hou Chaplains: Annie Walter, David Pineaha-Sarsfield, Sue Smith, Ronald Ronalds & Anglican Action Staff. Cross Rose Team; Men’s Accommodation Team: Coordinators & Staff. Community Social Workers.  Te Rau Aroha Camp: Manager- Rodney Franzoi.

Our Community: Tertiary Education.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Helen’s, Seria.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Mothers' Union & our leader, Anne.











Our Province:AAW: NZ President: Elisabeth Crawley. DiocesanPresident: Elisabeth Hayes. Diocesan Secretary: Sandy Slater. Mothers’ Union: Provincial President: Iritana Hawkins. Religious Orders: Order of the Holy Cross. Sisters of the Love of God, St Isaac’s Retreat House. Society of St Francis: Brother Brian, Friary of the Divine Compassion - Brother Damian Kenneth. Abbeyfield Waikato House: Residents and Executive Committee. Chaplains: Waikato Hospital: Janine Sinclair & Anna Norrish. Taranaki Hospital: Murray Elliot.  Taumarunui Hospital: Christine Hunn.  St John's College Students: Ellen Bernstein, Jekheli Singh & Tim Dack. Diocesan MinistryCo-coordinator and Director of Vocations: Peter Osborne.

Our Community: Bishopric of Waikato Youth Facilitator: Kimberley Hewat.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Musicians: Christopher, Con, Harry, Helen, Judith and Paul. The Music Ministry Team. The Handbell Ringers - giving thanks for their music. 

(NZCMS) Partner: Joanna, translation work, PNG.








In our Diocese: We pray for Waikato Diocesan and Taranaki Anglican Trust Boards & members. Bishop’s Action Foundation Trust Board: CEO Simon Cayley; Projects Manager: Deidre Nagle, PA: Annabelle. 

Our Community: The business community and those working in it.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St. Mark’s, Limbang.

Taranaki Cathedral: The New Plymouth Christian Leaders Network & our Reps: David and Anne. 

(NZCMS) Partners: Murray & Fey, Albania.







Our Province: Anglican Residential Homes.

Our Diocese: Bishopric of Waikato:  Canon Denise Ferguson. Archbishop’s Chaplain: Valarie Langley. Bishop’s PA: Ellen Luccock. Administrators: Joan Joyce, Jackie Tappin & Warren Turnwald. 

Our Community: Hospitals and Healing Agencies. 

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Thomas’, Bintulu.

Taranaki Cathedral: Pukeko Stomp!







Our Province: Committees and Commissions of General Synod.

Our Diocese: NEW PLYMOUTH OFFICE - Bishop’s PA: Dorothy Williams.  Executive Officer for the Bishopric of Taranaki: Simon Cayley.

Our Community: Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries & Keepers of our Heritage.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: Diocesan Office, Trust Boards & the Whole Diocese. St John’s, Sibu.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Stop In – Team and Manager: Anne Street.












Our Province: William Brown Turei, John Gray, Ngarahu Katene, Te Kitohi Pikaahu & Muru Walters. Our Diocese: Archdeacon of Te Taihauauru: Eruera Beattie. Archdeacon for Tamaki Makaurau: Bert Karaka.  Archdeacon of Waiariki: Joe Huta. Archdeacon of Waiwhakaari: Te Waaka Melbourne.  Hamilton Pastorate: Taylor McRoberts, Tiarere Steer, Adrian Toki, Herenga Taiu Wirihana, Jane, Greg Koroheke, Emily Bartlett, Ruth Clarke, Carol Manuel & Haare Te Tomo.  Hauraki Pastorate: Marcia Morehu, Ngahinu Tricklebank, Wally Wells, Roy & Dawn Wihongi, Lilian Barrett, Hamuera Raharaha & Daisy Te Moananui.  Rohe Potae Pastorate: Riki Cribb. Tamaki Pastorate: Tipene Anaru, David Barnes & Annie Clarke. Taranaki Pastorate: Tiki Raumati, Albert Martin, Joseph Patu & Hera Epae. Waikato Pastorate: Meri Hohaia, Agnes Karekare, Rangitaea Matauwhati, Coral Miller & Hono Huirama. Waitomo Pastorate: Joe Pene. Waikato Hospital Chaplain: Raumiria McRoberts. Springhill Prison Chaplain: Hono Huirama.

Our Community: The Maori King – Te Arikinui Tuheitia Paki.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Paul’s, Bunuk.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Sunday Ministry Team; including readers, chalice bearers and prayer leaders.









Our Province: Retired Bishops: Peter Atkins, John Bluck, Tom Brown, Brian Carrell, David Coles, George Connor, Derek Eaton, Bruce Gilberd, Penny Jamieson, Murray Mills, Bruce Moore, Henry Paltridge, John Paterson, Richard Randerson, Peter Sutton & Waiohau (Ben) Te Haara.

Our Diocese: All Church Groups in our Parishes.

Our Community: Emergency Services.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Francis’, Samarahan.

Taranaki Cathedral: The Vestry; Chair: Jamie, Secretary: Jude & Treasurer: Kathy. Our Wardens: Sarah & Lesley. 

(NZCMS) Council, NZ.










Our Province: Workplace Chaplaincy.

Our Diocese:  North Island: Ecumenical Chaplaincy, Workplace Chaplains.

Our Community: Judiciary; Lawyers; Court Officials. Commerce & Business Community.

Kuching, Our Partner Diocese: St Peter’s, Saratok & St James’, Kuap.

Taranaki Cathedral: Our young people. 

Retirement and Nursing Homes, their residents and staff: Tainui, Carrington Home, Brooklands, Radius Heatherlea, Radius Thornleigh, Maida Vale, Port View Retirement Home, Molly Ryan, Jean Sandel Village, Coronation Lodge, Chalmers Home, Rhapsody Lifecare, Renaissance, Taurima Rest Home & Telford Rest Home. 

(NZCMS): Homestaff, NZ.








Retired Clergy and Clergy with Permission to Officiate. Clergy Widows & Widowers.

Taranaki Cathedral: All places of Education, their students and staff: Central School, Devon Intermediate, Fitzroy Primary School, Francis Douglas Memorial College, Frankley School, Highlands Intermediate School, Mangorei, Marfell Community, Merrilands and Moturoa Schools, NP Boys High School, NP Girls High School, NP Montesorri School, Sacred Heart Girls College, St. John Bosco School, St. Joseph's Catholic School, St. Mary's Diocesan School, St Patrick's School, St. Pius X School, Seventh-Day Adventist Christian Church, Spotswood College , Spotswood Primary School, Te Pi'ipi'inga Kakano Mai Rangiatea Kura Kaupapa Maori, Vogeltown, Welbourn, West End, Westown & Woodleigh Schools, Western Institute of Technology.