Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary has been the heart of the Taranaki Community since 1846. We encourage and support the work of community focused groups.

There are a number of rooms available in which to book groups or event.

The Peace Hall Complex is a hall (with stage and toilet facilities), kitchen and lounge – connected by a hallway, but able to be used separately.  This is a special and historic building, designed by local architects Messenger, Griffiths and Taylor and the foundation stone was laid on 1 June 1924 by Mayor Frank Wilson.  The building was erected to commemorate the termination of the Great War, 11 November 1918.

Current and past users/use includes:

  • The Old Time Dance Group
  • Craft Fair
  • Wedding Breakfast
  • Special Birthday Parties
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Quiet Days
  • Professional Interviews
  • Business Meetings
  • Conferences

The Hatherly Hall Complex is the foyer into the Cathedral, and doubles as a hall with an adjoining kitchen.  This hall is often used for refreshments after funerals. 


37 Vivian St, New Plymouth

40 Vivian St, New Plymouth (Peace Hall complex)

Office Hours

Monday — Friday, 9am - 3pm.


Plenty of off-street-parking, a dedicated car park at the Peace Hall, and plenty of street parking on non-work days.

Rooms available:

Rates are negotiable - please contact us.

(Click headings for pictures)

Peace Hall

  • Can comfortably seat up to 250
  • Table/chairs/form seating available at no extra cost
  • Toilet facilities for male and female
  • Stage
  • Arrangements can be made to set out the chairs/tables for a small cost
  • Car park - up to 30 cars

Peace Lounge

  • Can comfortably seat up to 70
  • Technical equipment available – Ceiling-mounted Video Projector & Sound Desk (See cost below)
  • Table/chairs/form seating available at no extra cost
  • Car park – up to 30 parks 

Peace Hall Kitchen

  • Medium sized kitchen with large island workbench and plenty of other bench space.
  • Two ovens
  • Opens into the Peace Lounge

Hatherly Hall 

  • Large Hall adjacent to the cathedral.
  • Can comfortably fit up to 60
  • Seating available.

 Hatherly Hall Kitchen 

  • Large kitchen/catering facilities
  • 2 ovens, 1 microwave
  • Trolley’s/hot water urns (2)
  • Crockery and cutlery available

 Hatherly Meeting Room

This room is now the Chapel of the Upper Room. Hireage is restricted to events of a sacred nature.

  • Large lounge can comfortably seat up to 40
  • Upright Piano

Hatherly Library

  • Small lounge can comfortably seat up to 10
  • Small kitchenette available for tea/coffee, with stove and microwave


New Plymouth Dance Club

“New Plymouth Dance Club have been using the Peace Hall for over twenty five years on most Monday evenings for sequence dancing.  We have been happy with the venue mainly because of its central location and because it has a wooden floor suited to our dancing needs.  It also has good kitchen and toilet facilities”.

For more information or to book, contact Lesa: admin@taranakicathedral.org.nz