Youthful revival encouraging leaders

July 27, 2016

Catherine and Mike Whaley have been part of the Holy Trinity community for 13 years. Together they are leading the charge in growing groups for children and young people. They explain what’s taking place at the New Plymouth church.

 Sunday groups

Humungous Love Club is for preschool to primary age children.

Led by Catherine the group listens to stories, prays & makes stuff. Usually it's something to take home. “We are always talking about how God loves us and how we belong to God's family,” says Catherine.

God's Guys for intermediate-high school age is led by Mike. We explore the Bible, he says. “We google it, draw it, pray it, discuss it, video it. We feel part of this cool group and part of the Holy Trinity family.

All age worship takes place about twice a term. Everyone is involved somehow. Says Catherine: “It creates a sense of belonging throughout the parish. Our young people often lead. They share their strong feeling of belonging with us all. Sometimes we have a youth band...piano, guitars, bass. Sometimes we have ukeleles. We often use video clips and listen to music. There is always an activity for everyone to be part of. It might be talking about scripture in groups, making something, receiving a prayer symbol or doing a prayerful action. As part of the young people's famine sleepover the whole church walked as refugees to tents, talked in groups and then served each other food to finish.”

Youth Group

This is for intermediate to high school age students and takes place monthly on Saturday evenings. It began this year. “We have had games nights, a bonfire night and the famine sleepover. Our next one will be a Mid-Winter Christmas. There have been up to 20 young people at these events. We always include games, food and discussion. Mike and Catherine run this with enthusiastic help from Mike Hook of St Chad’s in West New Plymouth.”

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