Work Begins!

June 10, 2020

Clelands Construction Ltd has been awarded the contract to move the Vicarage in preparation for its upcoming redevelopment (see below). Work is expected to start in the next couple of weeks and will take around 7 weeks.


Chair of Taranaki Anglican Trust Board and Project Governance Board, John Eagles, speaks for us all when he says: “We are thrilled to be able to give the go ahead to this first stage of what will be a three-year, site-wide series of construction projects.


“This is the first step towards realising our vision of a nationally important centre for peace and reconciliation – and of course fundraising the money we need to be able earthquake strengthen and reopen our beloved Cathedral.”


The Vicarage Redevelopment

Once completed, the Vicarage will be positioned closer to Hatherley Hall and restored to her former glory with a full internal and external makeover.


The lower floor will become our hospitality centre – purpose built so we can host wedding receptions, conferences, Cathedral groups like Pukeko Stomp and other appropriate events.  


The upper floor will become the Sir Paul Reeves Education Centre – an exciting new learning space where school children, scholars, clergy and interested people from around the country can come to learn the history of New Zealand and understand how the Taranaki Land Wars of the 1860’s remain relevant to us all today. 


Activity kicks off with earthworks to prepare a new building platform for the Vicarage. After the demolition of chimneys and the out buildings, the Vicarage will be readied for its journey. Before the move, foundations for a lift and steel portals will be put in place at the new site.  


The interior and exterior redevelopment of the Vicarage will be combined with the building contract for Te Whare Hononga. We expect to tender for this in September. As always, we’ll keep you in the loop.


In the meantime, come along this coming Monday (June 15th) June 15 when we will gather together with Ngāti Te Whiti and Te Āti Awa for karakia and a blessing of the site before works start.

 Taranaki Cathedral Vicarage

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