The Word goes to school

July 27, 2016

A new initiative to spread Bible knowledge in schools was launched at Holy Trinity church in Fitzroy, New Plymouth on Sunday May 15.

The service marked Pentecost Sunday, and the Revd Rodney Dunlop led the congregation in prayers for the 75 Action Bibles purchased from the NZ Bible Society and the New Wine Christian Trust. Parishioners also prayed for the children and the schools who will be receiving the books as a gift.

This new edition of the holy word has been created for primary age children, with stories produced in a colourful comic-like style, easy for them to read and follow visually.

World-renowned artist Sergio Cariello has created the thousands of pictures, and this edition won the Christian Book Award in 2014.

Over one million copies have already been sold around the world.  The NZ Bible Society is seeking to gift a copy to every primary school in New Zealand, with Revd Dunlop taking responsibility for the project in New Plymouth and throughout Taranaki.

The Bibles have been paid for from donations received from many individuals and churches throughout New Plymouth, and will be gifted to over 60 primary schools in the city and throughout the region.

Many schools have been contacted and indicated their willingness to receive a copy to place in the school library.

While the Bibles have been purchased for the schools at a subsidised price, they are available from The Good News Christian Bookshop in Fitzroy at $45.00 each.

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