Terms of reference for organisation review 2018

June 5, 2018

Following the recent resignation of the interim Dean after a very short tenure a review has
been commissioned to help identify challenges and opportunities that should be addressed
prior to a new permanent Dean being appointed.
A review of the Cathedral structure and vision at this time also provides an opportunity to
plan for future ministry needs that align with the broader future vision of the Cathedral site
post-earthquake strengthening and redevelopment.
Although finances are tight and will continue to be so, this review is not being driven by
financial constraints.
This review is a structural review, it is not a performance review of the various positon
holders. It seeks to explore whether or not the current configuration of the Cathedral team
best suits the present and future ministry needs of the parish and the diocese. We also want
to explore how this group can most effectively work as a team and we want to explore
whether the current operational systems and processes are fit for purpose.
The review will provide an opportunity for Chapter, Vestry, Clergy and Staff to provide
responses and input.
Review team
The review will be led by Mary Bourke and the team will include Simon Cayley, Canon Robin
Brockie and Canon Pat Scaife
Strategic Focus Areas:

  1. Understanding of the unique role of the Cathedral alongside the mission of the Parish;
  2. The extent to which the current structure is enabling the Cathedral to deliver to its mission;
  3. The best structure to enable the exciting vision for the Cathedral once the regeneration
    project is complete.

To help respond to this the following key areas will be explored:

  • Is the rationale for each role within the Cathedral clearly identified and does
    everyone have an understanding of what each role is responsible for? (i.e. why does
    this position exist?)
  • Are the key objectives and outcomes of each role clearly identified and are there
    systems in place to monitor progress towards these outcomes?
  • Does the current team provide sufficient skills and capacity to deliver the mission of
    the Cathedral?
  • Are there other strategic ministry areas presently not being resourced that should be
  • Are the administration support structures effective and appropriate?
  • Are the pastoral care structures and task allocations effective and appropriate?
  • Are the expectations and responsibilities of the Wardens and other voluntary
    positions appropriate and sustainable?

Specific Questions for people to be interviewed:

  1. Please describe your role within the team.
  2. What works well with the current structure?
  3. What doesn’t work well (if anything)? What do you think are some of the reasons for these
  4. Given a green field what systems, roles functions are not needed or could be added?
  5. Given the exciting future vision for the cathedral what is going to be to success?
  6. Do you have anything else to add, are there things we should consider that we have not yet
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