Support of Cathedral Project part of 'big picture' thinking

March 4, 2019

 Phil and Robyn Hinton present the works Salt Peanuts by Aaron Waghorn to Terry Parkes ready to go under the hammer at The Great Collectables Road Show and Auction to be held on 3 May 2019 at the Plymouth Hotel. The artworks could either be bought as a pair or individually.


Phil and Robyn Hinton are delighted to donate to the Cathedral Project – A Taranaki Taonga as part of their big picture thinking for Taranaki.

The couple recently donated two valuable contemporary artworks by Aaron Waghorn to The Great Collectables Road Show and Auction to be held on 3 May 2019 at the Plymouth Hotel. Money raised by the auction will go to support the Cathedral Project- A Taranaki Taonga.

Phil said supporting the project was an easy decision. As local people they saw the Cathedral as a vital part of the fabric of New Plymouth.

“It’s an asset of the city that we all need to utilise to make it a better place and make it a destination. The Cathedral is part of that, it’s something that will attract people through.”

A strong sense of community was at the heart of their donation and Phil hoped others would continue to throw their support behind the project in whatever way they could.

“Other people may have something else, or great ideas to throw into the mix…a bit of lateral thinking is always good…”

Terry Parkes, a key supporter of the project and one of the auction organisers said while the donations on offer are already sizeable there was room for more quality heirlooms or art.  Items like furniture, jewellery, silverware or chandeliers could be hard for families to deal with, and donating them to the auction would give them a new life and contribute to a great cause, he said.

If you have something to offer for the auction please contact Terry Parkes (027) 457 6633

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