The pews: a new beginning

May 17, 2019

Preperatory work to remove most of the pews from Taranaki Cathedral and sell them to raise funds is now underway. As part of The Cathedral project, the interior of the church will be sensitively modified to enable greater comfort and increased community usage of the space for worship, music and performance. This means that most of the existing pews, which were donated and dedicated between the 1940s and 1960s, will need to be removed.  These pews were given by people as they were what was required at the time. However, after many decades, they now seem inflexible and they cannot be rearranged to suit more contemporary church services or performances. We are very conscious that in removing the pews, we want to honour their past, as well as setting up the church for the future.  To that end the stories of the pews and their donors will be retained and displayed on the redeveloped site.

Fundraising for The Cathedral Project is well advanced, but more funds need to be raised before physical work starts. With this in mind, our Chapter and Vestry has decided to sell the pews. Where they can be traced, those people associated with the original donors will be offered first option to purchase the pews for a special fixed price of $500 each.  Those not purchased in this way will be offered for sale to the general public later in 2019. Selling the pews in this way ensures the legacy of the original donors. Their original donation will continue to support the historic church and our important community asset. Visit this page to find out more.


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