ALL In Person Services Suspended (until 1-meter or less distancing required) 

September 17, 2021

There will be no services offered at Taranaki Cathedral until we are at an Alert Level which requires 1-metre (or less) physical distancing. While the Government rules for Level 2-Delta do allow for in-person gatherings of up to 50 people, Government Guidelines and our Diocesan regulations stipulate that we need to ensure there is a 2-meter physical distance between anyone not in the same bubble. 

This requirement (and our natural inclination to come together to chat, offer comfort etc) would make worship in The Peace Hall almost impossible (see the photo on the front page to remind yourself of just how few bubbles can be safely accommodated!). Therefore we have made the difficult decision to suspend all In-Person Services until we shift to a 1-meter or less distancing requirement.

This decision has not been made lightly. We understand many of you are eager to return to in-person worship. However after much prayerful reflection we believe this is the right decision. As always, we will review our position after the Government update next week.

 175th Anniversary Next Sunday (September 26th) there will be on-line worship offering to mark our 175thAnniversary. We encourage you to consider inviting someone special to watch with you or arranging a (Covid-safe) catch up with other parishioners you are close with at a local café or park. We intend to hold delayed commemorations next year (God and Government Covid Levels willing!). On Wednesday 29 September a 175th Anniversary Evensong will be offered virtually.

Pūkeko Stomp Our new Pūkeko Stomp coordinator is on the hunt for volunteers to help with this popular activity when it returns (in Term 4 – again Covid Levels allowing). There is a minimal time commitment (1 to 1.5 hours on Monday mornings from 9.45/10.15 to 11.15ish) and Shamane is happy to organise a roster so you don’t need to go every week. Duties are flexible depending on what you’d like to do, from interacting with the littlies to prepping morning tea. Email to find out more.

Speaking of Pūkeko Stomp, it will be running online sessions for the next two weeks (before a break as usual over the holidays). If you or someone you know would like to join in, email to be added to the private group.

Covid Level 2-Delta at Taranaki Cathedral 

Church Buildings

Only staff are to use parish buildings (and even then this is being strictly managed due to the new 2-meter distancing rules, mask guidelines and our limited space and ventilation)

You can reach Jen in the office during her normal hours (9-2pm weekdays) and outside these times the phones go through to one of us (so if you get asked to leave a message please do – it just means we’re on a call or similar but we will call you back asap).

If you NEED to visit, please call ahead to arrange a suitable time and remember you will need to wear a mask, sign in (via the Tracer Ap or our paper register) and follow the 2 meter distancing rules.


All in person servies suspended until distancing requirements reduced to 1 meter or less.

Log In To (a different sort of) Sunday Worship 

There will be no public services again this Sunday (September 12th ) within our Diocese.

Instead, anyone who wants to, is warmly encouraged to join us on Facebook at for the next installment of our Art For God’s Sake meditation on art, history and theology.

To watch, go to

Church Activities

If you are involved with a Church group please make sure you understand and follow these Diocesan Regulations.

After the Governments next Alert level update (early next week) the Diocese will meet (virtually) to discuss what impact any changes to levels or guidelines will have on our ability to gather in person. The government has already signalled that there may be changes to what can occur at different alert levels due to the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant so please do not assume that a move to Alert Level 2 will automatically mean the resumption of in-person services. We will aim to communicate Diocesan decisions to you next Thursday online (and in next week’s E-ffervescence).

A Morning Prayer Alternative Here’s a great idea from two of our parishioners who highly recommend the Dean of (the UKs) Canterbury Cathedral’s daily morning prayer. It can be accessed on you tube, or via their website

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