Parish AGM 2022


Parish AGM

The plan is for the Parish AGM to be held on the 18th September, right after the 10am
service, Peace Hall, 11:15pm


The description of the planned Taranaki Cathedral Kōkiri Team as presented at the forum, is included below. 


Taranaki Cathedral Kōkiri Team

The 2021 Synod of the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki, in Bill Number 1, suspended clauses
11 to 18 of Statute 14, THE WAIKATO DIOCESAN CATHEDRALS STATUTE 2006. This
suspension enabled Standing Committee to establish a Commission that now governs the
Taranaki Cathedral. Therefore, the responsibility that lay with the vestry now rests with the
Commission. However, operational and spiritual leadership still needs to be provided for the
people and work of the Taranaki Cathedral. The Kōkiri Team, in place of the vestry, provides
this leadership for the gathered Christian community of the Taranaki Cathedral and the work
we do together.

Kōkiri, which means to move forward, is modelled after a Waka Hourua, a double-hulled waka,
to reflect the dual vision of the Taranaki Cathedral. One hull represents our parish and
worshipping communities. The other hull the project and new expressions of the Taranaki
Cathedral reflected in Te Whare Hononga and Te Manu Hononga. Our hulls are not mutually
exclusive but tandem visions in movement together.

Our waka's centre tūngauru/platform comprises the Dean, the Assistant Priest, the Dean's
Warden (appointed by the Dean), and the People's Warden (elected by the people). The
Tūngauru will appoint three members in each tangere/hull. There will be three parish
appointees to the Awhi Mai (care toward parish) tangere/hull and three appointees to the
Ahwi Atū (care to others/project). Additionally, there will be two further Synod Representatives
(elected by the people) who, as well as representing the parish at Synod, will input into the
work of each hull.

The critical focus/skills of Ahwi Mai (care toward parish) include: worship, pastoral
care, theology, justice and peacemaking, preaching, evangelism, music, youth and children's
work, church financial, hospitality, admin and maintenance.
The critical focus/skills of Ahwi Atū (care toward others) include: bicultural
reconciliation, peacemaking, restorative justice, theology, treaty awareness and practice,
education and hospitality, project management liaison skills and finance skills.
The former Finance Sub-Committee of the vestry will now be the Finance Team assisting the
waka in a smooth sail (and help the Commission as and when required). It remains unchanged
in terms of personnel.

A couple of further points/comments to note are a) this document is the combined work of
Jay, Dan, and Archbishop Emeritus David Moxen, b) the structure has been worked through
with the vestry and the Commission, c) this structure is to remain in place for a period of one
year, after which it will be reviewed.

A visual representation of the Waka Hourua follows


Kōkiri Team Values
Kōkiri Values
The basic "Kōkiri Values" are rooted in the vestry values outlined in "Getting Fired Up
for God: A Handbook for Churchwardens, Vestries and Parish Council." This handbook
is available on our diocesan website.

Every member of Kōkiri will be committed to the following core values:
Te Kaiarahi
Christ the Leader
A love for and a commitment to follow Īhu Karaiti, Jesus Christ.

Te Upoko
Christ the Head
An acknowledgement of Īhu as head of his church.

Resolute Commitment
A steadfast commitment to attending Kōkiri hui (team meetings).

Hāpai Hoe
Get Onboard and Row
A commitment to regular weekly worship, to paddle with the people and avoid making
remote decisions.

Rapua te Ara
Seek the Path
To honestly, openly and prayerfully seek God's will for Mere Tapu.

Aroha Mai Aroha Atū
Receive and Give Love
To commit to fellow Kōkiri members in practical support, love and prayer.

He Waka Huia
A Treasure Box
To uphold the work of the Commission, and their Terms of Reference, as a treasure
and commit to a united Māori and Pākehā future.




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