Notice of Annual General Meeting

March 9, 2017

Notice of the agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the Taranaki Cathedral Church to be held on 26th March at 1.30pm in the Interim Cathedral.

[Papers for this meeting will be available at services on Sunday 19th March and from the Welcome Desk during the following week]


1. Prayers

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 13 March 2016

4. Matters Arising from the Annual General Meeting, 13th March 2016

5. The Annual General Meeting of the Anglican Parochial Properties Society:

Recommendation to add the following objectives to the rules of the society:

4.2.1 At all times to meet the definition of “Charitable Purposes” as defined in

Section 5 of the Charities Act 2005;

4.2.2 To act at all times in the interests of the Parish and the parishioners of the

Taranaki Cathedral of St Mary’s;

4.2.3 To support, donate to or assist other charities and not-for-profit entities within New Zealand with similar objects;

6. Reports to the Annual General Meeting, including Financial Reports and Draft Budget

7. 'The Cathedral Project – A Taranaki Taonga' To receive a report on the progress of the Cathedral Remediation and Development Project

Recommendation: That this AGM receives and endorses the Cathedral Remediation and Development Project report

7. Election of officers

8. Any Other Business

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