Interim Worship Space in the Peace Hall Updates and FAQ offered by the Ministry Team - February 2016

February 23, 2016
  • Why is the Peace Hall packed down and set up again between services?
    For now (early 2016) the Peace Hall is our “Interim-Interim” worship space. This is because we are not yet fully certain when a Detailed Seismic Assessment will be required to be undertaken on the Peace Hall. To avoid waste of money, time and resources, we have touched the building lightly, for the moment, just to make it suitable for Sunday services. This includes retaining our commitments to the others who use the building, and learning to share it with them. Once we know for certain when the detailed assessment will be required (a complicated process – and we will fully determine this within the next few weeks), we will then be able to settle on a definite, long-term interim worship space – which may well be the Peace Hall, of course! For now, we set up for worship early on a Sunday morning, and return the hall for use for other purposes (including some of our own groups), after Morning Tea on a Sunday morning. Of course, this is a
    common experience of many church groups (who do not have their own dedicated premises) – and although it's not ideal, we acknowledge that having the Peace Hall at our disposal so conveniently and at no cost is a huge blessing!
  • Where do people get ready for services?
    In the Stop-In Shop Back-Room is a unisex “Robing Area” for choir and ministry team to prepare for services. A “Vestry Prayer” is said there, with choir members, just before the service begins. Our humble, sincere thanks to Stop-In for accommodating our use of the room so kindly.
  • Where is Holy Communion received in the Peace Hall?
    We have one station for Holy Communion at the front at 8am. At 10am, two at the front and one at the back. Receiving from the station at the back, people start from the back pew and work towards the front.
    At the front – those who wish to do so, can receive Holy Communion kneeling. Having received at the front, people return to their seats via the aisles at the sides of the hall.
  • What about bathroom facilities?
    A portaloo has been set up in the Peace Hall car park. This is for use during services. For all other times, there are bathrooms either side of the stage.
  • Where is Morning Tea served?
    ◦ In the Peace Lounge.
  • What happens if the weather is really bad (eg a strong Southerly)?
    ◦ A notice on the front door will direct people to enter the Peace Hall via the Peace Lounge.
  • Where are midweek services taking place?
    In the “Upper Room” in the Hatherly Hall. This is our Sacred Space during the week – with a prayer board, votive candle stand, and resources. After the 10am Eucharist on Wednesdays, morning tea is shared in this room.
  • How long will we be projecting the image of the cathedral windows on the wall?
    ◦ Until early March. The image is there as an acknowledgment of
    ▪ Those of us who didn't have the opportunity to farewell the cathedral building
    ▪ Those who are on a journey of grieving, and the image gives us a sense of continuity and comfort
    On 6 th March, we will be celebrating the cathedral anniversary Sunday, and a beautiful new cross hanging is being made, which will hang in place of the projection, most of the time - except for when another projected image is suitable for any particular (eg seasonal) reason.
  • How about our name badges?
    Once we have settled on our long-term worship space, we will incorporate a rack for our name badges in that space (which may be the Peace Hall, of course!) For now, please collect your name badge from the Hatherly Hall, and maybe take it home each week (not forgetting to wear it next week!)
  • Are there more meetings planned to share updates and news?
    Absolutely! These will be advertised via our pewsheet. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding through this challenging time of transitions and new beginnings. God is with us in all this.
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