Intercessions for Epiphany

January 3, 2016

Let us gather together in prayer firm in the knowledge and with faith that wherever we are gathered in Christ’s name God will hear and respond to our prayers.

Thankful for the diversity and magnificence of what we see, hear and touch each day within our world we pray for peace particularly in the Middle East where conflict is ongoing and difficult to resolve. We pray for Christians living and working in these areas often away from their families as they with love provide practical, pastoral and spiritual support whilst engaging in dialogue to encourage peaceful solutions.

Lord in Your Mercy    Hear our Prayer

Let us pray for all leaders in politics, business, education, social services and health that they may as a new year begins lead with honesty, integrity and compassion and be given the courage to stand up for justice. We pray for all church leaders that they may be able to be involved and supportive of others who lead within our communities.

 Lord in Your Mercy   Hear our Prayer

Let us pray for strength wisdom and commitment in discerning the will of God both in our lives and in the parish life of St. Mary’s especially as we move to a new temporary worship space. May we be prepared to follow wherever we may be required to go and do on our Christian journey? We pray that God will always be central in all our decisions here at St. Mary’s.

We pray for understanding and acceptance amongst all Christians. May we be encouraged to build bridges and overcome differences in seeking ways to be as one voice within the communities in which we live, work and worship.

 Lord in Your Mercy  Hear our Prayer

 We pray for our relationships with our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues that we will always be honest and open, able to listen to the needs of others, respond to that need, and forgive and accept forgiveness easily overcoming difficulties and strengthening all relationships.

 Lord in Your Mercy  Hear our Prayer

Let us pray for all children. We think especially of all those children left homeless and without parents due to war, violence, natural disasters, poverty and illness both here in New Zealand where children daily become the victims of violence and poverty and in the developed and the developing countries of the world. May God ease the suffering of all children and bring hope through the agencies working to improve their health and wellbeing. Let us pray for the safe keeping of all children throughout the holiday period. May they enjoy the summer - able to engage in the many activities and events held within our communities.

 Lord in Your Mercy  Hear our Prayer

Let us pray for the elderly, the frail, the lonely, and all those in our hospices or hospitals terminally ill. We pray for all those affected by depression and other mental health illnesses knowing that this time of year can be very difficult,

Especially praying for those who have thoughts of suicide, and those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. May help be available whenever and wherever it is sought.

 Lord in Your Mercy  Hear our Prayer

Let us pray for those who have died recently and for family and friends who mourn their loss. We pray for those who have died unexpectedly in accidents both on our roads and at our beaches. We pray for the many who have experienced a first Christmas without a loved one. May the memories of the past be of comfort to them?

 Lord in Your Mercy  Hear our Prayer

Let us pray in silence those concerns closest to our hearts whilst being thankful that our faith brings us closer to the unconditional love and grace of God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

May we on our journeys always see the light to show us the way.

Let us now conclude our time of prayer with the singing / saying of the Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

Your kingdom come, your will be done,

On earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever


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