In-Person AND Online Services of The Word

September 23, 2021

As Government rules on social distancing have relaxed (from 2 meters back down to 1 meter for places of worship), we are able to offer an In-person Service of The Word this Sunday October 3rd at 10am. 

 We will also be offering a virtual service and encourage anyone who wishes to, to participate this way via our Facebook page HERE or via YouTube HERE

If you plan on coming to an in-person Service of The Word, please make sure you understand, and are able to comply with, all the following mandatory requirements (our 9 Covid comandments!). Information about the services will be in tomorrow's E-ffervesence. If you're not signed up already and  would like to recieve this weekly e-newsletter you can do that HERE.

Level 2-Delta Rules For In Person Worship

  1. Servicescan be attended by up to 100 people with appropriate distancing between bubbles.
  2. Social distancingof one metre should be maintained between bubbles
  3. Masks must always be worn by all present (participating and all leading). Service leaders and readers can remove masks while speaking.
  4. All attending must sign in, either via the Covid Tracer App or our manual register 
  5. Service of the Word- no communion; retiring offertory; no sharing of peace
  6. Congregational singing is not permitted. Performance singing (small choir or soloists) is permitted, masks do not have to be worn by performers, but 1-metre distancing between singers and 3-metres between singers and congregation should be maintained. 
  7. Food or drinks will not be served as unable to provide appropriate distancing requirements.
  8. Hand sanitiser is readily available
  9. High touch surfaces (e.g. door handles…) will be disinfected beforeand after every service.
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