Important Volunteer Role:Treasurer Overseer

April 3, 2019


Treasurer Overseer Role – The Fine Print

 From 1 April 2019 Taranaki Cathedral will engage Trust Management Limited (TML), a specialist provider of professional accounting and investment services to charities. 

TML will process transactions, prepare payroll, file PAYE and GST returns, provide monthly reports, prepare annual accounts and liaise with auditors.  Source information will be provided to TML by Taranaki Cathedral volunteers and staff who bank deposits, process payables, invoice receivables and administer bank accounts.

 We need a Treasurer Overseer with accounting experience to pull all the threads together.  The overseer will receive monthly reports from TML, check them for sense and interpret them for the Finance Committee and Chapter/Vestry both of which are monthly meetings. There are three annual tasks for the overseer.

In November they liaise with the Dean and Finance Committee to draft the following year’s budget.  In February they co-ordinate the gathering of end-of-year information to allow TML to prepare the annual accounts. In April they review and sign donation receipts. 

This role has been carefully structured to make is sustainable and to ensure the Treasurer Overseer is able to focus on high level oversight rather than simple bookkeeping.

Please contact Julie Otene or Kathy Varley who are happy to to discuss the role further.

Julie: 027 446 4099 ; Kathy 758 8474

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