Fundraising campaign launched

April 30, 2017

The fund-raising campaign for the Cathedral Project has well and truly begun.

Donations and pledges to earthquake strengthen and future-proof the iconic Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary are already coming in.

By the end of April 2017, three-quarters of a million dollars has either been pledged or donated to The Cathedral Project – A Taranaki Taonga. This includes a number of individual donations of $100,000.

Dean Peter Beck says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in a significant and historic project.

He is asking people in the community to contribute with their ideas, their experience, talents and their financial contributions.

Contributions can be made as a pledge over five years and are tax deductible, meaning people receive one-third back.

The Cathedral Project is a $15 million campaign, whose first stage is to strengthen the iconic 170­ year-old stone church – the oldest stone church in the country – so it can safely withstand earthquakes.

While that earthquake-proofing work is being done, says Dean Peter Beck, it makes sense to future-proof both the building and its site.

Stage two of the project includes the development of an atrium hospitality space behind the historic cathedral.

“Each of us who carry the memories of all that St Mary’s has been and has contributed to our lives, have the opportunity to enable this beloved building and all that it stands for, continue to be a iconic, strong and welcoming church for the next 170 years.

“We are doing this for our children and our children’s children.”


Peter Tennent announced that as of the launch date cash and pledges totalling  $723, 650 had already been received. Refer to our Donors page for a current total.

Want to donate or contribute in some way? Visit our Give A Little page or see the How to Contribute page.


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