May 22, 2020


Friday 22 May 2020

Life during Alert Level Two


Our Cathedral offices have been open this week, and most staff have made the return from home-based offices back to their workplace.

The Peace Hall and Lounge is now organised and available for use for community groups, with leaders required to agree to stringent hygiene and social distancing regulations.

One home group is organised and ready to go.

Many of our church activities will not be able to be undertaken until Level One or Zero. 

If you are the leader of a group or activity, please contact me and we can work through the regulations and mandatory organisational plan together.

Pastoral (home) visiting is permitted where a face-to-face visit is deemed essential for well-being.  All visits must be pre-arranged, and visitors must use sanitiser upon entering and leaving.  

We will hear next week if there will be changes to the gathering of communities for worship.  Please be assured that we will work through the guidelines to provide you with worship opportunities that are both meaningful, safe and that do not provide any undue risk to those of you who feel comfortable (and are not unwell) together.  In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep in touch through Effervesecence, E-ffervescence and on-line worship opportunities.

What I am experiencing as I begin to lead your community without actually meeting physically or worshipping in our usual manner is, that you are a community who care. 

I know that many of you are caring by praying, ringing others, doing little jobs, delivering newsletters and making sure that those who are part of the groups you lead stay connected.  This poem I have included by Cameron Bellam sums up what Christian Community is about at its heart. Know that Jesus is in all places, at all times.  We are called to be God’s hands and feet in this world, and also as we are finding, God’s ears and caring bodies.


So, while I understand that some of you will find the rules and regulations we must put in place frustrating and pernickety, I value your health (and my integrity as a Priest) far too highly to take any undue risks by gathering too prematurely or holding services of communion, even in one kind.  I simply cannot be confident of not being an unwitting carrier of Covid-19, and unless you have kept to a totally individual bubble, neither can any of you.  Therefore the priority going forward must be keeping people safe and well, along with the reality that the Diocese is legally liable if any part of it does not follow Diocesan Guidelines. 

This community has withstood numerous crisis and disappointments in the past because it cares.  We will withstand this.  God is with us all, wherever we are, and caring does not cease simply because we cannot meet physically. Until we can, make the most of breathing that holy air with Jesus!  See below for a way you might like to do that…. Aroha nui Jacqui


Read the full E-ffervescence-8 by clicking this link here

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