April 3, 2020

Friday 03 April 2020

Welcome to E-ffervescence… named not only for the delightful word which means a collection of bubbles in a liquid (symbolizing all our little individual bubbles connected together by our Cathedral Community), but because it also denotes vivacity and enthusiasm!  The hyphen between the e and f is utilized because this is an e-mail communication!

If you have neighbours’ who may be interested in Cathedral News, perhaps you could read it to them from a safe distance, or ring and read it to them, ensuring that  E-ffervescence is shared safely!  

Please forgive any typos and other proofreading bloopers.  Unfortunately, I am far from perfect, but am always keen to learn!

Also, if you have anything you would like added to future copies (I plan to produce one a week for the duration), please email me at Jacqui.paterson@taranakicathedral.org.nz before the Thursday evening of each week and I will include it.

So… I hope you enjoy this humble offering and that it helps you feel connected, and ‘vivaciously enthusiastic’ to be Gods people in this time and place!



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