E-ffervescence - Issue 26 Out Now

September 24, 2020

“It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” - Macbeth

I was given a daily Shakespearean insult calendar for 2020, which I enjoy very much (my sons know me well). The quote at the time of writing this is the above, from Macbeth- and it made me smile. I thought immediately of my contributions to Effervescence, and I am hoping that the above does not always apply to what I produce! Although I suppose that at least if there is a bit of sound and fury, it is entertaining if not significant!

It has been rather delicious to recently experience the promise of balmy spring days and the freedom that a move to Level One brings us all. It certainly makes the next few Sunday Services easier to plan, and I’m sure that you, as well as I, will enjoy the ability to share a cuppa and communion more freely.

I cannot say I will miss the mask and tong combo (I definitely qualify for the ‘idiot’ category as I fish around fruitlessly for a wafer!). However I do think it is important to continue to be careful and move at one’s own pace at this time. Please do not feel you HAVE to share communion (I will personally continue to be very careful) or gather in large groups. Please know that we will respect your journey through this time, and my hope is that no one feels any undue pressure.


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