E-ffervescence - 3

April 17, 2020

Friday 17 April 2020

Welcome to Week Three of E-ffervescence… which means we have passed the third week of life in lockdown.  By the time you have receive this, the Government will have given information regarding possible moves to slightly more freedom.  Be assured that the Diocese is working to put procedures in place to ensure we are exercising due diligence in terms of our responsibilities at this time.  I have assured staff that they will be notified as soon as possible regarding any changes to the present situation, and you will receive it via this document next week.   

In the meantime…I pray that I continue to keep in touch with God and others through prayer, and that I can be sensitive to other’s idiosyncrasies’ and aware of my own, as we all do our best to negotiate this time of unprecedented change, uncertainty and loss.  

I remain very grateful for your prayers and messages.  It is certainly a bizarre time to begin community leadership of any kind!   Arohanui, Jacqui


Click this link to read the full newsletter:  E-ffervescence-3

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