E-ffervescence - 2

April 10, 2020
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Welcome to Week Two of E-ffervescence… and I hope you have found something during the week that has filled you with ‘vivacious enthusiasm’ as you wait in your bubble!

It is, of course, a source of frustration that this information cannot be distributed to those without e-mailing capability.  Level Four must be taken seriously, and of course there are no exceptions to that right now!  Therefore, all we can do is our best, so I encourage you to ring those you know would be interested in our news and read them the pertinent bits (the whole thing may be far too much!) or read to neighbours from a safe distance. Another useful ploy is that if you are tuning in on your computers to worship or a Zoom conversation, that you ring a friend without a computer, hold the phone so they can hear, and they can be part of things too!

I am mindful that Sunday is Easter Day and many of you will be missing being able to be together, worshipping, holidaying, spending time with family and friends.  It has been helpful for me to remember that first Easter Day, when as far as we know Jesus re-emerged into a world that was mostly unaware of the momentousness of the occasion.  This notion has also brought to mind all those Easter Sundays since, when people have been unable to participate freely in worship, due to war or ill health or incarceration or oppressive regimes. 

The stunning truth of the empty cross is that God is with us always, no matter what or where we find ourselves or how desperate our situation may seem.  I hope that on your Easter Sunday this year, you do find a moment in the day to walk or sit alone, amidst God’s glorious creation, and, like Mary Magdalene, be able to say, “I have seen the Lord” (John Chapter 20), or, in some deep, deep part of yourself, know that even though you cannot see or hear or touch…God is indeed with you this Easter Day and always.   Arohanui, Jacqui

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Reply Gloria Williams (Author) | April 10th, 2020 at 7:23pm
Thank you for all your efforts Jacqui and Dan. You have kept in touch with us for each day's need, and have enabled us to stay close to our amazing God who meets us where we are , in this Holy Week of bubble worship. May God continue to bless and guide your ministry among us.

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