Christmas Cakes for a Cause

November 1, 2019

Cathedral Cakes are returning as Taranaki Cathedral’s team of home bakers prepare a limited run of the popular Christmas treats.

A batch of the 750 gram Cathedral Cakes, named because their multi-coloured fruit echoes the stained glass windows of church cathedrals, sold out last year. All proceeds from the cakes will support the restoration of Taranaki Cathedral’s stained glass windows, part of the $15m project designed to strengthen the historic cathedral. Sensitive site developments will transform Taranaki Cathedral into a significant heritage, education and visitor destination. With nearly $9m raised for the project, construction is due to start in July 2020.

Pak’n Save New Plymouth have thrown their support behind the cakes, donating all the ingredients.

Store manager Deb Melody said she they were thrilled to support the fundraising, as the Cathedral project was going to be a massive boost for Taranaki.

“This is a cause we choose to support because the community and the whole of New Zealand is going to get so much benefit out of it.”

Pak’n Save had a large number of young staff and Melody said the educational value of the Cathedral project was very important to them.

“It has blown me away and it’s going to blow the public away the more they know about it,” she said.


  • $40 per cake. Pickup from 11 November. You can order your Cathedral Cakes from Taranaki Cathedral office. 37 Vivian Street New Plymouth. Ph 06 758 3111
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