Anglican rock- still tastes pretty darn good to me!

Te Pouhere Sunday 2016 Being English, as a child, our summer holidays meant going to a sea side resort like Blackpool. Actually ours was called Skegness on the North Sea coast! Lots of people, not too clean sea, candy floss, and donkey rides, rows and rows of deck chairs with elderly gentlemen wearing on their bald pates, handkerchiefs tied in a knot at each corner to keep off the sun, a bit like this. We while we liked to make sand... read more

Fresh Bread

John 6:25-35 Fresh Bread: what does the phrase conjure up? The aroma , the taste? Perhaps homemade bread: the smell of yeast, the whirl of flour being sifted to make dough, then kneading – the rhythm of fold and roll, fold and roll, watching the dough rise, and then kneading it again. The final rising and then popping the loaf into the oven to bake, the smell from the oven filling the house as the bread bakes. Perhaps that whiff as... read more

Seeing is believing

John 20.1-18. Easter 6 2016 Not the gospel set for today. I hope you don’t mind indulging me as at the beginning of my ministry here, as I have done in the various jobs I have had, I begin by focussing on the very essence of our Christian faith which is of course Easter. Hence this lovely passage from John’s gospel this morning. John, the beloved disciple ‘saw and believed’! In this Gospel record there are no angels at the tomb... read more

Up to our necks in life

Sermon on installation as Dean of Taranaki 30.04.2016 Readings: Is.40 27-31; Mark 16.1-7 I drove in this morning about 6.30 from Okato way where I’m staying with my daughter Liz and Duane my son in law. It’s a lovely drive and this morning the mountain looked amazing. As I looked at it the words came – ‘It is good Lord to be here’! God bless this place! God bless this great company of people! Nearly 14 years ago I stood in... read more

Costly Love

Bishop Richard Randerson, a former Dean and assistant Bishop of Auckland, visited Taranaki in March. He delivered a workshop in Stratford and preached at Taranaki Cathedral. Read a copy of his Passion Sunday sermon. read more

A Mother Hen? Lent 2

Gen 15:1-12,17-18 Phil 3:17-4:1 Luke 13:31-35 What did you think of that conversation in our Gospel reading today? There was so much happening in what was just a short single conversation: warnings, threats, longings, compassion, and declarations. So many players were part of it: Herod wanting to maintain power by removing anyone he saw as a threat, a bunch of Pharisees - this lot whispering words of warning to Jesus – not the usual portrayal of his relating to Pharisees, references... read more

Facing our giants

OT Reading 1Sam 17:32-33, 37 & 40-51 NT Reading Mark 3:1-6 David and Goliath is a well-known story, even politicians at times refer to that story to describe how the little man won over against Incredible odds. While being appointed to the Bell Block Cooperating church I befriended the local policeman, sometimes he called around to say hi. He was very tall, and even standing on higher ground still had to look up to him, he really was tall and I... read more

John and Jesus

January 10 2016 - The Baptism of Jesus: Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22 The coming of the Messiah: For centuries the prophets of Israel had foretold the coming of a Messiah. In fact, the Old Testament includes about sixty different prophecies, with more than 300 references, of His coming. From Adam to Malachi, the prophets told the people of the day that the God of Israel would come to earth, as a human being and become their Savior and Redeemer. They firmly... read more

Making an Unknown Journey

Epiphany Sunday Gospel reading : Matthew 2:1-12 When my daughters were young teenagers and petrol prices were more reasonable, we used to play a game with another family where there were also two daughters. We would all bundle into their car which had bench seats so that there was room for six. And armed with all we needed for a picnic and with a map, we would set out on the road. It was all smooth sailing until we came... read more

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass : Taranaki Cathedral 2015 Doesn't the cathedral look stunning this evening. The way the flowers have been so beautifully arranged to draw you towards the crib scene. Such a sense of celebration in the red, green and gold. I was laying out a crib scene with a child, recently, and we were marveling over the beautifully random selection of animals, including delightfully a pig, a goat, and a rooster. No lie­ins for the Holy Family..... We have no way... read more

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