Actions Speak Louder than Words

Luke 13:10-17 I think the Gospel reading is about how institutions can get in the way of compassion and care. It is specifically about repressive religion. And we know enough about that in our own time, and not only repressive Islam. The Church has enough of it too! The passage opens with Jesus teaching in a synagogue. As was the tradition and the rule according to the Law, the Torah, any man present could read from scripture and then teach or... read more

Ordination to Priesthood of Ailsa Claridge

Glory to God on high, God of power and might. You are my God. I can neither add to your glory Nor take away from your power. Yet I will wait upon you daily in prayer and praise. In a few minutes, Ailsa you will make this statement of praise and faith in the living God. And in these words you will acknowledge that God is so much more than we can barely begin to imagine. I can neither add to... read more

St Mary's Day

My granddaughter was sitting on my lap when I read her a bedtime story. From time to time, she would take her eyes off the book and reach up to touch my increasingly wrinkled neck . She was alternately stroking her own neck, then mine again. Finally she spoke up, 'Poppa, did God make you?' 'Yes, darling,' I answered, 'God made me a long time ago.' 'Oh,' She paused, 'Poppa, did God make me too?' 'Yes, indeed,' I said, 'God made... read more

'Let peace begin with me'

Peace Sunday - Feast of the Transfiguration 5 August 2016 What is happening on the world scene is truly awful. Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, South Sudan, indiscrimate bombing across Europe and the USA. ISIS and its evil tentacles. What is happening to the USA in the astonishing presidential election campaign. What's happening as political aspirants nurture a culture of fear in order to scare people into actions which go against all the values we have aspired to. And in our own back... read more

Thomas: longing for encounter with God

John 20:24-29 Do you have a favourite amongst the disciples? I think for me, it would be Thomas. As I watch Thomas in the gospels, I see a person who is exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Thomas longs to be with Jesus, no matter what. As I watch him, I see his inner struggle as he tries to understand what such a journey would mean. What do we know about Thomas? He was one of the... read more

Disability Awareness Sunday

Isaiah 65.1-9; Galatians 3.23-29; Luke 8.26-39 It’s only a couple of months to the Rio Olympics and I expect many of us will be watching our team and hoping that individuals can harness all the years of training and produce personal bests on the day, even if that doesn’t always mean winning a medal. But how many of us will be watching the Paralympics which follow? With 180 hours of coverage free to air, in a world first, the programme editor,... read more

It's About Compassion

Luke 7:11-17 If you are like me and have been at your son or your daughter’s funeral, there may be a sense of wanting to skip over this story. To not give it too much attention. For it doesn’t sit easily with our own anguish of when our child died. We did not see the compassion of Jesus bring our son or our daughter back to us. The story makes us feel uncomfortable. What do we do with the sense of... read more

Anglican rock- still tastes pretty darn good to me!

Te Pouhere Sunday 2016 Being English, as a child, our summer holidays meant going to a sea side resort like Blackpool. Actually ours was called Skegness on the North Sea coast! Lots of people, not too clean sea, candy floss, and donkey rides, rows and rows of deck chairs with elderly gentlemen wearing on their bald pates, handkerchiefs tied in a knot at each corner to keep off the sun, a bit like this. We while we liked to make sand... read more

Fresh Bread

John 6:25-35 Fresh Bread: what does the phrase conjure up? The aroma , the taste? Perhaps homemade bread: the smell of yeast, the whirl of flour being sifted to make dough, then kneading – the rhythm of fold and roll, fold and roll, watching the dough rise, and then kneading it again. The final rising and then popping the loaf into the oven to bake, the smell from the oven filling the house as the bread bakes. Perhaps that whiff as... read more

Seeing is believing

John 20.1-18. Easter 6 2016 Not the gospel set for today. I hope you don’t mind indulging me as at the beginning of my ministry here, as I have done in the various jobs I have had, I begin by focussing on the very essence of our Christian faith which is of course Easter. Hence this lovely passage from John’s gospel this morning. John, the beloved disciple ‘saw and believed’! In this Gospel record there are no angels at the tomb... read more

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