Cathedral Life
ALL In Person Services Suspended (until 1-meter or less distancing required) 

There will be no services offered at Taranaki Cathedral until we are at an Alert Level which requires 1-metre (or less) physical distancing. While the Government rules for Level 2-Delta do allow for in-person gatherings of up to 50 people, Government Guidelines and our Diocesan regulations stipulate that we need to ensure there is a 2-meter physical distance between anyone not in the same bubble. This requirement (and our natural inclination to come together to chat, offer comfort etc) would make... read more

Level 2-Delta at Taranaki Cathedral

Government and Diocesan advice and rules means that (like everyone) we will be operating differently at Level 2-Delta than we did during previous Level 2 periods. As always, your physical, mental and spiritual heath remains our top priority. No one should feel there is an expectation to attend in-person services – we encourage everyone to consider our on-line offerings as an alternative in the short term. Because of different vaccine statuses, age, health and personal circumstances, we all have different comfort... read more

Upcoming Changes At Taranaki Cathedral

Upcoming Changes At Taranaki Cathedral During Construction Work We are gearing up to start Phase Two of our Project — building Te Whare Hononga and refurbishing the Vicarage to create Te Manu Hononga/The Paul Reeves Centre. While it is an exciting time, large parts of our site will essentially be a construction zone for the better part of a year. Work will take place Monday – Saturday from 7am. Our first priorities are the health and safety of all staff, parishioners... read more

175th Anniversary Activities POSTPONED

175th Anniversary — Celebrating Our Past, Present And Future Our Anniversary Committee has made the tough decision to postpone our weekend of 175 activities planned for later this month. They are currently working through a few different scenarios and we will let you know what decisions are made re: rescheduling and marking the day itself. For those who have prepaid for the Spring Fling or High Tea, we are working on a system to process refunds. Stay tuned. read more

St Mary's Parish Recycling Depot

As part of our ongoing work to “Value Now” Jen has been investigating how we can ensure we are valuing our environment. Thanks to her mahi we, the Cathedral staff, will be making a few small but important changes around some day-to-day activities — including recycling. A recent trip to New Plymouth’s recycling depot (next to the Transfer Station in Colson Road) opened Jen’s eyes to the large number of common household items that CAN be recycled but are not able... read more

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held next Sunday 18 April, following the 10 am service (approx 11.15am). Please read the reports in advance. they can be downloaded here AGM Reports read more

Parishioner Tim Harland Being Commissioned As Hospital Chaplain

Tim Harland jokes and says he has his “affiliation for falling off motorcycles” to thank for his commissioning as Hospital Chaplain next week. In reality though, the role seems tailor made for this man of deep faith. As a young man Tim felt drawn to chaplaincy. But as so often happens, life had other plans for him. He went to university and enrolled in an engineering degree and ultimately became a qualified tool maker. As the years unfolded he married, raised... read more

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