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Little Baby: New Kingdom

Sermon preached by Archedeacon Trevor Harrison 29 December 2019: Matthew 2:13-23 Christmas is over. Already people are starting to take the decorations down, to put the crib scenes away and the tree has been dragged out waiting to be next winter's firewood. It's over. Now back to normal. Christmas is a wonderland, a fantasy of peace, joy, love and goodwill. But normal is the world as it really is, the workaday, ordinary fallen world. And yet, after all of tyhe partying,... read more

Christmas: God's practical joke

Sermon preached by Archdeacon Trevor Harrison at the Midnight Mass of the Nativity 25 December 2019 It’s a marvellous, wonderful, wise, loving practical joke. Christmas! The Nativity! There’s God, down through the centuries, listening to the prophecies about the Messiah. Some of them were wonderful and beautiful and spoke the mind of God. Others thundered away about the Conqueror, the one who would come riding on a white charger, with sword in hand, a leader that would be better and... read more

Midnight Worship

Our Midnight Mass of the Nativity marked the birth of Jesus with song and prayer. The appreciative crowd enjoyed a range of carols before the service began at 11.30pm. A beautiful atmosphere for a service marking this very special time of year. read more

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Christmas Story for Young and Old

Everyone loves a good Christmas pantomine and the crowds that were at the Interim Cathedral on Christmas Eve were treated to the classic Christmas story. A young audience member said" "I thought it was really cool having a live donkey and getting people seeing the story rather than just telling it...." A visiting family member said it was the mixture of young and old in the audience that made the day for her. "It was wonderful seeing so many families... read more

The Temple in Jerusalem

Sermon Preached by Acting Dean Trevor Harrison 17 November 2019 Luke 21:5-19 The Temple in Jerusalem was one of the most splendid man-made sights in the world at the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry. In the Temple the pillars of the porches and of the cloisters were columns of white marble, thirteen metres high, each made of one single block of stone. Of the ornaments, the most famous was the great vine made of solid gold, the grape clusters each being... read more

When I Met the Black Widow

Sermon Preached by Acting Dean Trevor Harrison on 7 November 2019. I met the ‘Black Widow’ first when I was asked to conduct the funeral service for her third husband and she introduced herself to me with, “They call me the ‘Black Widow.’” All fine and good and we farewelled her third husband in fine style. Where it got difficult was when some time later she turned up in my office with a man in tow and she said, “We would... read more

A Community's Cathedral

The Taranaki Daily News featured The Cathedral Project last weekend and it was great being front and centre of Saturday's paper. You can read all about it here. As well as some more details about the project it was great to see the amazing work of the Community Café profiled. Manaakitanga in action it was called! Such a great community hub with volunteers that front up day after day! Reporter Deena Coster who wrote the feature also took some time to... read more

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Christmas Cakes for a Cause

Cathedral Cakes are returning as Taranaki Cathedral’s team of home bakers prepare a limited run of the popular Christmas treats. A batch of the 750 gram Cathedral Cakes, named because their multi-coloured fruit echoes the stained glass windows of church cathedrals, sold out last year. All proceeds from the cakes will support the restoration of Taranaki Cathedral’s stained glass windows, part of the $15m project designed to strengthen the historic cathedral. Sensitive site developments will transform Taranaki Cathedral into a significant... read more

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