We are privileged to walk alongside adults and children by offering baptism.

It is our vision to offer a welcome and hospitality for this, as Jesus did Himself. If you would like to arrange a baptism, contact us by phone and talk to Ailsa (7583111) or email, (ailsa@taranakicathedral.org.nz) or come to the church on a Sunday morning. Our main service takes place at 10am every Sunday.

We offer baptisms during our Sunday Family services at 10am, the last Sunday of each month.  Baptisms continue to take place in our Interim Cathedral while our main building on Vivian St is temporarily closed for an earthquake strengtheninng project.

The baptismal service is friendly and warm, and we will talk you through the service beforehand so that you know where to sit and stand and where the action happens! So that when it comes to the day, you can enjoy the service to its full.  There is also the option of a baptism at 11.45am on any Sunday where there will be some of our congregation there to welcome you but it is not a full communion.  Every child baptised receives a children’s Bible and a candle as our gift.


Q. How long will the service last ?

A. Our 10am service normally lasts around an hour to an hour and a quarter.  Please arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the service.

 Q. How much will it cost ?

A. We make absolutely no charge for baptism. Of course we would welcome your donation to help the work of the church community, but there is naturally no obligation!

 Q. Will we be singing any hymns ?

A. Yes.  We always have hyms at our morning services and the 11.45am service has one hymn.

 Q. Can we take photos during the service?

A. We’d prefer that you kept this to a minimum during the service itself – although it’s an informal service, it’s still a unique occasion, and too many photos can really detract from the atmosphere. At the end of the service, we can spend as long as you like around the font on a photo call!

 Q. Will there be other children christened at the same service ?

A. We try to keep to a rule of one Sunday, one baptism. Not always possible, but if this is not going to be the case we will let you know. 

 Q. How many Sponsors / Godparents can I have for my child ?

A. The most important thing is to choose the “right” people. Two is the minimum. Godparents must be sufficiently mature to acknowledge understand their role, and have been baptised themselves – please check. If they haven’t been baptised, it’s not unusual for us to arrange for an adult to be baptised on a separate day, or on the same day – and this can be a very moment in a person’s life and Christian journey. Ask for details !

 Q. Is it true that Godparents are responsible for their godchildren if  anything happens to the parents ?

A. No. There is no legal commitment. If you want to arrange this, you need to state it in your will.

 Q. Do you have a Sunday School?

A. Yes, and your children are very welcome to give it a try! Our Sunday groups are fun, free and caters for children of all ages. Fledge Crew is for 3-6yrs, Faith Crew is 7-12yrs and Adeptes is for our teenagers. They run during our 10am service, starting in church and going out to our separate rooms during the 1st hymn – except the last Sunday of the month when we have a Family Service - which is great for families. We also have special services for Christmas, Easter, Harvest and special occasions during the year.

 Q. I live in a different parish or area. Can I still be baptised at St Mary’s ?

A. The best place to be baptised is the place where you are part of a community. That might be your church, or where you live, or perhaps where your roots are. Often, it’s where your parish church is. If that’s not St Mary’s, a baptism will still be possible - but you will need to make contact with your local parish priest as a matter of courtesy.

 Q. I am an adult, thinking about being baptised. Can that be arranged ?

A. Certainly. Please come and talk to us. This is just what we are here for.