The 65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of foot was the longest-serving British unit in New Zealand, from 1846 to 1866. In February and March 1861 they were involved in Major-General Pratt's protracted campaign against Wiremu Kingi's "Last line of defence" - Te Arei Pā. A sap - a sheltered trench about 1.5km long, protected by redoubts - was dug towards the Pā. On February 10th the construction of No. 7 Redoubt, about 750m from the pā was harried by rifle fire. Leading a line of skirmishers to try and drive the suppressers from their rifle pits, Captain Strange was mortally wounded.

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Beneath this stone
Repose the remains of


H.M. 65 Regiment

Born in 1827.

He fell while performing his Duty at
the head of his Company in front of
Hapurona's Pa Te Arei on the 10th
of February 1861.
His Brother Officers by whom he was
much beloved have erected this stone
to his memory
Prepare to meet thy God


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