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Blog EntryRichard has posted a new blog: Bishops' statement on Climate Change 1 day ago
 Love for our neighbour: God’s people and God’s planet   A statement by the House of Bishops representing Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa, the Dioceses in New Zealand, and the Diocese of Polynesia in anticipation of the COP21 Climate negotiations in Paris, December 2015.   For the sake of all people and... « Read more
Blog EntryAilsa Claridge has posted a new blog: The rich man's question 1 month ago
 Sunday 11th October 2015, 8am and 10am Mark 10:17-31 How do you feel as you listen to today’s gospel? It isn’t an easy one to listen to, when we ourselves are among the more wealthy on this earth. The suggestion seems a bit radical: sell what you have, give away the... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: The Lost Sheep 2 months ago
 I'd like to focus on the parable of the Lost Sheep – and, in particular, this very key section of the teaching : “Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: Patronal Festival 19/8/2015 3 months ago
 Do you recognise this prayer :Beneath your compassion, We take refuge, O Mother of God:do not despise our petitions in time of trouble:but rescue us from dangers,only pure, only blessed one.Christian devotion to Mary goes back to the 2nd century. “Beneath Thy Protection” or “Sub tuum praesidium” is the earliest known... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: Never Hunger? 3 months ago
 19th Sunday  In Ordinary Time – Dean Jamie Allen. “Never hunger?” John 6:35,41­51 Our Gospel readings through August are focussed on Chapter 6 of John – and, as I mentioned last week, the passage we heard just read, is part of an extended theological korero between Jesus and the fascinated crowd... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: Bible Sunday 2015 3 months ago
 For one Sunday of the year, we have a beautiful opportunity to reflect on something which is at the very very heart of who we are as a community of faith. Bible Sunday. 773,000 words, 1189 chapter, 66 books, 2 testaments. Tucked in Isaiah 40, we read, “The grass withers and... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: The Beheading of John the Baptist 4 months ago
 12th July 2015, Dean Jamie On the face of it, this Gospel appears about as dismal as they come. Here's this loyal servant of God – life devoted to pointing the way not to himself but to Jesus... All comforts given up, in the name of obedience to God. And where... « Read more
Blog EntryAilsa Claridge has posted a new blog: Social Services Sunday 2015 4 months ago
 by Ailsa Claridge Micah 6:8-12 James 2:14-17 Matthew 25:31-45 Have you had the opportunity to visit the Govett Brewster Art Gallery when it reopened yesterday. If you were able to get there, you may have come across the Exhibition titled, “Our hearts of Darkness”. It is a deliberately disturbing exhibition which... « Read more
Blog EntryBruno Egli has posted a new blog: 5th Sunday after Pentecost 4 months ago
 Selected readings: Lamentations 3:22-33 & Mark 5:21-43  Sunday 28th June 2015 The readings this morning are somehow disturbing and well reflected in the title of our O.T. reading this morning which is called “Lamentations”. The book of Laments has primarily to do about Jerusalem being sacked, the people taken into captivity... « Read more
Blog EntryAilsa Claridge has posted a new blog: test from nigel 5 months ago
 tesst   « Read more