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Blog EntryBruno Egli has posted a new blog: 5th Sunday after Pentecost 10 hours ago
 Selected readings: Lamentations 3:22-33 & Mark 5:21-43  Sunday 28th June 2015 The readings this morning are somehow disturbing and well reflected in the title of our O.T. reading this morning which is called “Lamentations”. The book of Laments has primarily to do about Jerusalem being sacked, the people taken into captivity... « Read more
Blog EntryAilsa Claridge has posted a new blog: test from nigel 1 week ago
 tesst   « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: The Seed of the Kingdom. (Pentecost 3 - Mark 4:26­34 3 weeks ago
 Our Gospel passage today is like a great hug of encouragement. We have just heard it spelled out by Jesus, through his servant Mark the Gospel­ writer, read by his servant Caroline/Annie, that your testimony is bursting with the potential to provide light for others and shelter; a safe place for... « Read more
Blog EntryAilsa Claridge has posted a new blog: Harvest Festival 1 month ago
 [This sermon by Ailsa Claridge was delivered at services on 17 May 2015] What are your harvest memories? Perhaps you are privileged to recall large family gardens, pumpkins running rampant, corn puffing up on stalks, the wonder of potatoes hidden under the ground, and fruit trees laden with apples, plums and... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: A New Commandment - 10th May 2015 1 month ago
 [This sermon by the Very Revd Jamie Allen was delivered at morning services on 10th May 2015] Mā te Atua koe e tiaki ­ God be with you. This is an incredibly special week in the life of the church. A festival week. This Thursday is Ascension Day, which we celebrate... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: Tasty Fruit 6 months ago
  [A sermon given at Taranaki Cathedral at 8am and 10am, 4th October 2014 - St Fracistide.] Isaiah Chapter 5:1-7 Let me sing for my beloved my love-song concerning his vineyard: My beloved had a vineyard on a very fertile hill. He dug it and cleared it of stones, and planted... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: Ecumenical Advent service 2014 - Jamie's Sermon 6 months ago
 [This sermon was delivered at an Ecumenical service to bless the Advent wreaths, held at St Joseph's Catholic Church on November 26th 2014]   The Isaiah passage (Isaiah 9:2-4) and Gospel (John 1:1-9) have a wonderful theme going on. They are about the dawning of a new light. You know how... « Read more
Blog EntryJamie Allen has posted a new blog: Chrism Mass 2014 1 year ago
 John 13:1-7 Written by: Rt Rev Dr Helen-Ann HartleyBishop of Waikato   The 1980s are known for many things: great fashion, fantastic music and big hair.  But 1986 was also the year that a certain celestial phenomenon happened: the fly-by of Halley’s comet. As a child and, by that stage, emergent... « Read more
Blog EntryRichard Christie has posted a new blog: Being Prepared: Seeking the Peace of God 1 year ago
 Sermon for Advent 2 Isaiah 11:1-10; Matthew 3:1-12 "Being Prepared: Seeking the Peace of God" Reverend Bruno Egli     Sometime back, I came across a description of what it would be like to live in a perfect world. Here are a few of the thoughts.   In a Perfect World... « Read more
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