Haere Mai – a special welcome to visitors from our Diocese in Taranaki and Waikato


We are looking forward to growing closer to you in fellowship and friendship.


How can you be involved?


First of all, please pray. We are witnessing a great movement of God in our midst. Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for those in ministry and governance at this new Cathedral, the Taranaki Cathedral.  Your praying makes all the difference.


As we learn to become the Mother Church for Taranaki we are looking at ways to support our faith community throughout this Diocese.


Our vision is:

  • to offer strong and committed prayer support to all the Ministry Units we have the privilege of serving
  • that Taranaki Cathedral may be a gathering point in baptism, confirmation and ordination
  • that we may authorise and uphold ministry through sharing of the gospel
  • that we may host the teaching and pastoral ministry of a remarkable Bishop.


We are called to be many things:

  • a seat of peace and reconciliation
  • a place of pilgrimage
  • a friend to turn to in joy or sorrow
  • a resource to ministry by offering spiritual direction, support groups and materials that assist with baptism, marriage and confirmation preparation


We will be clear and disciplined in our support for our parishes and their ministers.  We will invite them to share with us in the Daily Office when their parish is remembered at their regional cathedral.


We will invite every parish to appoint a Cathedral Liaison person to make sure we are hearing YOUR news.  They will be invited to our Cathedral meetings and get-togethers.


So, we will be seeking out such people. Could this be you?

Could you be a welcomer or a guide at this new Cathedral?

Could you help lead our times of daily prayer ?

Are you interested in singing in our Cathedral Choir (adults and children)?

Do you have fundraising expertise?

Do you have a calling in youth ministry?


To get involved, please email dean@taranakicathedral.org.nz